Available editions

  • (2x) 43 x 43 cm Edition of 50 ___________ EUR 200 add to cart
  • (2x) 61 x 61 cm Edition of 25 ___________ EUR 400 add to cart
  • (2x) 91.5 x 91.5 cm Edition of 5 ___________ EUR 800 add to cart


In his depictions reduced to primary colors and minimalist shapes, Murányi experiments with employing the least to communicate the desired content. While his fresh, crispy graphics are evocative of pop art aesthetics and his formal expression could be related to Julian Opie’s imagery reduced to signs, Murányi’s works are characterized by a highly idiosyncratic pictorial language. The reductionist approach in Murányi’s working method implies a sense of modernist questioning and a related disillusionment. However, through the injection of a light touch of humor, Murányi creates complexly layered images, where ironic takes on our superficial, object-bound, materialistic world render the daunting voids refilled.

Meeting at 3.20 is a special diptych edition and the two parts of the image constitute two physically separate prints that belong together but are to be framed or mounted separately.